Start a New Economy Reading Group!

As part of our involvement co-hosting the documentary Fixing the Future in Boston on July 18th, 2012, we are asking everyone to learn more about the New Economy. To help you do so, we’ve put together a New Economy Reading List to get you started.

As an added incentive, if you send us information about your reading group, and your written commitment to using Owning Our Future as one of the books in the group, we’ll send you two free copies. When you’re done, consider donating copies to your local library.

For this incentive, please email us at or message Marjorie Kelly on Facebook.

Also, the publisher is offering 30% off and free shipping through July 31st, 2012!


Agenda for a New Economy      Owning Our Future     99 to 1

Agenda for a New Economy by  David C. Korten

“David Korten pinpoints the solutions to our economic troubles not on Wall Street but on a Main Street near you. He maps out a fascinating alternative path away from risk and bust and toward a wider prosperity. A thought-provoking, comprehensive, and readable reappraisal of the great economic and market challenge of our time.” — David Brancaccio, PBS host

Owning Our Future by Marjorie Kelly

“This magnificent book is a kind of recipe for how civilization might cope with its too-big-to-fail problem. It’s a hardheaded, clear-eyed and therefore completely moving account of what a different world might look like—what it already does look like in enough places that you will emerge from its pages inspired to get involved.”   — Bill McKibben, author,  Deep Economy

99 to 1 by Chuck Collins

“…the primer for the 99 percent movement…” —Van Jones, President, Rebuild the Dream; “…a clear and incisive understanding of how we got here…” —Samantha Corbin, Occupy Wall Street; “…makes a compelling case for how we can work together…” —Benjamin Todd Jealous, NAACP President and CEO


Learning about the New Economy

These three authors give both the basics and the details about building the new economy and fixing the future in their groundbreaking books.

Agenda for a New Economy, 2nd ed.: From Phantom Wealth to Real Wealth by David C. Korten, author of the bestselling classic When Corporations Rule the World, includes an analysis of events since the election of Barack Obama and a more detailed vision of the alternative to the Wall Street economy.

Marjorie Kelly’s Owning Our Future: The Emerging Ownership Revolution offers a bold solution to our recurring economic crises: innovative new forms of institutional ownership. Her book takes the reader on a global journey to meet the people and organizations that are pioneering new forms of life-sustaining ownership.

Chuck Collin’s book, 99 to 1: How Wealth Inequality Is Wrecking the World and What We Can Do About It, brings together for the first time facts and figures showing exactly what “the 99% and the 1%” divide means in the real world and the damage it causes. He identifies the social and historical forces that created and perpetuate this divide, and offers concrete proposals for closing the inequality gap.


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